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How to use grep command in Linux

In one of the previos articles we discussed find command in linux and how to use it. Likewise in this article also we are going to discuss another linux command which is useful to search something in Linux. That is "grep" command. We can search text patterns in the files using grep and on the other side we can use find command to search for files in linux OS. More than that we can filter search results to capture a specific string of text, a word or a number using grep command. Remember this command is very useful for our daily tasks in Linux Operating system.

Simply what does grep command do ? It searches for lines which matches with the given text to find inside the given files you mention with the command. The output is a set of lines and each line should have the specific word or word phrase you typed with the grep command.

So let's begin the discussion.

Syntax - 

grep <word> <file name>grep <word phrase> <file name>grep <word> <file …

On Demand, Reserved, Spot and Dedicated Instances in AWS

As we all know AWS ( Amazon web services ) is the leading cloud platform today. So if you need to launch a new application, you can go with this cloud platform without touching things on your premises. Because using AWS makes the things easier. It reduces time, costs, and increases the durability with high availability like features for your instances.

What is an EC2 instance ?
EC2 ( Elastic cloud computing ) is just servers as we all know which is in the cloud. Which means inside of AWS Data Centers. These server comes with fully loaded resources but with different capacities. Some may be optimizing for memory ( More RAM ) some may be for Storage and some may be for Compute. Like wise there are different types of EC2 Instances have introduced by AWS to their users to select the best instance for your use cases. Refer AWS EC2 Instance types for more details.

Amazon EC2 PricingAWS Free Tier Within AWS Free Tier period it includes 750 hours of Linux and Windows t2.micro instances each mon…